Solving The Challenges Of Small Accounts

Patra Select Services

Is your firm feeling pressure to make your book of small accounts more profitable? Are you interested in aggressively growing your book of small accounts? Patra Select has you covered.

Patra Select provides agencies a solution to maintain and grow their books of small business with guaranteed profitability, allowing agency staff to focus on core business relationships. Our managed service model provides a variety of options to efficiently manage or grow small accounts, whether commercial lines, personal lines, or employee benefits. With Patra Select, agencies find more time to focus on key accounts and agency relationships without sacrificing service levels. Patra Select is an agency’s virtual small accounts department and generates a guaranteed 40%-50% return on commission.

The agency retains input on staffing and control over servicing standards, all of which are managed through a single point of contact assigned by Patra.

Invisible, Hands-Off Management

Patra Select is invisible to your insured customers. Your Patra Select staff will be in a virtual office, often in your agency’s backyard. Staff will seamlessly integrate with your phone and agency management systems using your company’s branded telephone greeting and email domain. In addition to your team of dedicated Patra Select staff, we will assign secondary and even tertiary staff support to cover lunches, vacations and other PTO. With Patra Select, you’ll be confident that your small accounts are managed well, rounded out and become profitable again.

In addition to trained, dedicated staff, Patra Select is backed by the most agency-friendly E&O coverage in the industry.

Options for Aggressive Growth

Patra Select isn’t just a tool for profitably managing a book of small accounts; we also provide options that enable agencies to aggressively grow them. Patra Select will provide you with an agency-branded microsite for real-time online quoting. A team of California-based fulfillment specialists will utilize our strong carrier relationships to ensure quick, comprehensive quoting of standard and non-standard business. Patra Select extends your ability to address a high volume of incoming small account leads without hampering your ability to service your key accounts. We facilitate all of this while maintaining your agency’s brand presence.

Success – Guaranteed

Patra Select’s guaranteed rates of return mean an increased margin for a book of small business. Profitability, as reported by Patra Select customers, often improves from “barely breaking even” to margins that average 50%. Patra Select has proven its ability to grow a book of small business, increase agency retention rates and enable more relationship- development time with small account holders without affecting larger, key accounts. All of this is done while significantly reducing agency policy error rates.

     The beauty of this is now I’ve got a place to put small accounts. We get income and our people don’t have to spend any time on it. What can be bad about that? It’s a built-in profit margin. — Patra Select customer

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