Case Study:

Patra On Demand – MGA

This full-service MGA, headquartered in San Diego and founded in 2009 includes seven office locations across four different states. The firm writes risks ranging from $1K-$5M in premium and represents more than $200 million in premium. Their success can be attributed to long-lasting relationships with carriers and brokers with a core philosophy of underwriting and pricing each risk based on exposure.

The MGA had been outsourcing since 2010, handling cyclical workloads with risk evaluation and submissions. Underwriting assistants struggled to keep pace during volume spikes, requiring mandated night and weekend overtime. This outsource provider failed, providing sporadic communication, inconsistent hours and high error rates, leading to many agency hours spent managing and checking work.

In 2014, this firm sought a more responsive and capable vendor, choosing Patra Corporation. Patra was chosen because of the service model, client consultant and dedicated teams. The ability to scale without incurring unnecessary cost, and the ability to turn work around quickly has proved successful. As of Q1, 2015, Patra does the work of 9 agency staff, at a savings of more than 21%!

Patra allowed this MGA to finally trust an outsourcing partner. Frequent calls with Patra’s U.S.-based client consultant, regular reporting and quick, accurate processing proved the value of outsourcing.

Management trusts Patra to communicate directly (via email) with their broker base and engages in regular conversations with their India-based team.

Patra changed the way the firm works and hires. Underwriters and Underwriting Assistants work to the top of their job descriptions and abilities, without worrying about work errors. Quarterly broker surveys have shown that, since the shift to Patra, broker expectations and satisfaction have increased.


     If we’d known that working with Patra would have led to these results, we’d have made the change years ago! — Agency Partner

       Patra’s teams learn with us as we develop new processes with them. They don’t make the same mistake twice. — Agency Management

The Results

  • Underwriting Assistants spend 65% less time reviewing submissions and risk evaluations. NO MORE NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS!
  • Before Patra, submission acknowledgments took 2-3 weeks. It now takes less than 24 hours.
  • Duplicate submission reports are also reported within 24 hours.
  • Patra’s reporting means the agency spends less than 15 minutes per day on outsourcing management.
  • Target time for risk evaluation was 20 minutes. Patra averages between 15-17 minutes per evaluation.
  • Submission target completion time before Patra was 12 minutes.


  • Loss Control
  • Renewal Preparation
  • Claim Updates
  • Workers’ Compensation Rating
  • Workers Comp Ex Mod
  • Loss Runs
  • Notice of Cancellation/Reinstatement Notices
  • Policy Issuance

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