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Patra On Demand Services

Patra On Demand is a unique specialist model that provides tailor-made processing services for agencies of all sizes without penalties like hourly minimums, full-time-equivalent (FTE) requirements and other hidden fees. Our trusted, reliable team of experts addresses an agency’s specific workload needs to improve efficiency while increasing internal productivity and top-line revenue. Agency staff will spend more time building customer relationships and less time on low-value tasks and paperwork. All this is supported by strong E&O coverages.

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Keep Your Staff Working to the Top of Their Job Descriptions

We’ve all seen it happen – an account manager is hired as accounts are added with the hopes that he or she will spend time with those new customers building relationships and rounding accounts. Those are the activities that comprise the top few bullets of a job description. Too often, new hires never reach those bullets because they become mired in the fine print at the bottom of the job description – running reports, downloading files from carriers, checking policies and other lower-value tasks. Patra will help you alleviate some of those functions and allow your staff to work toward the goals you set when you hired them.

The Value of a Dedicated Team

Smart, innovative agencies choose Patra because of our good people, innovative approach and proven results. From the moment a contract is signed, an onshore client consultant is assigned and engaged with the agency’s leadership team to identify workflows, processes and opportunities for improvement. Simultaneously, a team of process specialists is focused on learning the intricacies of each development to be performed. It’s this collaborative model that enables Patra to perform parallel processing, scale at a moment’s notice and most importantly, process work efficiently and accurately.

Pay for Results, Not Time

Patra On Demand means that a dedicated team of process executives will work in response to your agency’s needs. With Patra On Demand, you will only pay for the hours spent processing your work – never for training, reporting or breaks. Need more support when your staff takes leave? Your team of process executives will fulfill responsibilities in their absence. Heavy renewal period? Patra will scale our staff to meet your workload needs and deploy trained backup during peak times. Need a rush certificate completed the same day or filed in your system overnight? Your team of process executives will work around the clock to ensure your deadlines are met.

The Scope of Insurance

Patra On Demand serves nearly every back-office operation to address the unique challenges faced by independent agencies. We serve retail agents, MGAs and program administrators, wholesalers, carriers and support functions in P&C, personal lines and employee benefits.

The Patra Difference

  • 24-hour Service
  • Comprehensive E&O
  • Dedicated Team Approach
  • Customized Services
  • Trained Backup
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Scalable

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