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Patra On Demand – P&C

A long term Patra partner, this brokerage, one of the largest in the country, started with a small scale project and has since evolved into one of Patra’s greatest success stories. By starting with a pilot project, this agency was able to experience the value of a Patra partnership and adopt Patra across a nationwide network of offices.

Since proving the value of On Demand, Patra now issues more than 1.5 million certificates of insurance for the broker annually, more than 80% of the broker’s entire volume of certs. As an organization growing aggressively through acquisition, using Patra On Demand has enabled the company to ease the processing transition for the account staff in the acquired agency. There is no process to learn or change in AMS- the AE simply forwards a certificate request on to their Patra team and the request is fulfilled seamlessly, increasing accuracy, reducing time spent on certs and lowing retraining costs.

Patra’s Patra On Demand services increase productivity and profitability of each of offices, enabling the organization to reallocate their existing staff to higher-value, client-facing tasks, saving both time and money. Patra empowers account staff with the ability to plan their day and gives them the confidence of knowing that work will get done on-time and without errors.

On Demand services for this organization are tuned to their specific business processes and needs, unlike consulting or software development firms that dabble in insurance processing.

Client Feedback

   Revenue load is one of our leading measures. Patra has allowed us to see that number rise as we free our employees to spend time on more profitable tasks, including spending more time with clients, cross-selling and up-selling with products that fit the client’s needs. — Stewart, VP & CIO, Patra Client


  • Certificate Issuance
  • Policy Checking
  • Ordering Loss Runs
  • Benefits Account Administration
  • Direct Bill Invoice Processing
  • Market Research
  • Carrier Document Retrieval, Categorization, and Distribution
  • Patra Select

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