Patra Proud

Patra Proud August 28 2017 What is Patra proud of? Lots of things, especially the work we do for our clients and the environment we’ve created for our employees. We’re exceptionally proud of the work we do to support the military families who regularly make sacrifices to protect and serve our country. In fact, when we needed an official name for Patra’s charity focused on supporting the children of active military service members, we couldn’t

What to expect at a follow up visit

Home Blog What to expect at a follow up visit WHAT TO EXPECT AT A FOLLOW UP VISIT July 14 2013 An implementation of Patra services doesn’t end when the Client Service Manager leaves your office.  In fact, it’s only just beginning.  In the days, weeks and months that follow the initial engagement, both Patra and the agency are learning workflows, processes, systems and personalities. This is the foundation on which the partnership is based.

What to ask your agency and yourself before outsourcing

Home Blog What to ask your agency and yourself before outsourcing WHAT TO ASK YOUR AGENCY AND YOURSELF BEFORE OUTSOURCING June 04 2013 At some point in its growth, every company evaluates whether they’d be better off performing a function on their own or utilizing a partner to either assist or take it completely off their plate. These days, there are a seemingly endless variety of technology, staffing and management tools available for today’s agency

How agencies drive innovation

Home Blog How agencies drive innovation HOW AGENCIES DRIVE INNOVATION January 24 2012 In 2005, outsourcing meant only one thing to insurance agencies – augmenting staff with onshore or overseas personnel. In the years since, outsourcing options have evolved to serve a much broader range of agency needs, from scalability and cost to addressing entire business functions that were previously unprofitable. The Infancy of Agency Outsourcing In ’05, innovative insurance agencies saw the value of