Patra In Action – Data Migration

Patra In Action – Data Migration May 17 2018 An effectively managed AMS means that an agency can be confident in its ability to service customers and run meaningful reports. Converting or consolidating agency management systems is an opportunity for an agency to rethink its data structure and review procedures to ensure effective, reliable data. Patra has provided migration services for agencies for many years. Below is a description of one such engagement. In anticipation

Patra In Action – Certificate Issuance

Patra In Action – Certificate Issuance May 17 2018 Patra has extensive experience working with national brokers to implement certificate issuance projects. With one such broker, we began with a small-scale project that has evolved into an engagement in which Patra issues more than 2 million certificates annually. From a small pilot project in two remote offices, this agency saw the value of Patra and adopted the service nationwide. Patra now issues more than 80%